How do you get to engage everyone at work?

What if I told you that every person in your team can participate, create, contribute and commit to a common solution? And that we can secure an outcome in anything from a few hours to a few days, in a fun and serious way?

Welcome to the world of LEGO® Serious Play®. In this world we explore, share ideas, loosen up our brains and connect with one another.

What is LEGO® Serious Play®?

LEGO® Serious Play® is a tool for unlocking imagination and innovation at work.

We use Lego bricks to facilitate thinking, communication and problem-solving. The four-step process allows each person to discover ideas in response to an agreed question. They 3D print their responses into models that serve as a physical basis for storytelling, discussion, reflection, extension, simplification, connection, and the build of shared models and systems.

Can anyone use it?

The short answer is yes. But LEGO® Serious Play® is not just play with bricks, although playfulness is one of the core aspects.

The method was pioneered by the LEGO Group and two professors at Swiss Business School IMD. They were searching for a more creative way to set strategy and had been exploring alternative strategic planning tools. Drawing on extensive research from business, psychology, organisational development and education, and the concept of ‘hand knowledge’, they discovered a solution that was to be found in the play system itself. After many iterations and live-prototyping with companies, the team confirmed a process that works consistently across different groups in a robust and reproducible way.

Participants unlock parts of the brain through playful ‘thinking with the hands’. They share the story of their models using their own words, discuss and reflect within the group, listening, learning, and building upon their current ways of seeing the challenge.

Just as the LEGO Group had been inspiring children to ‘build their dreams’ for decades, so perhaps adults could be asked to build their visions for future strategy.

Bonds of loyalty and trust

A LEGO® Serious Play® session is designed around a core overarching objective and can run from a few hours to a few days. We unlock thinking and create alignment. But there is a lot more going on too.

The method creates space to pause and think, away from the distraction of systems and notifications. The structure of the session means we listen to one another, we find voice through our own stories, we build understanding, respect, and often we leave in awe of ourselves and others. This builds a desirable form of capital, essential in modern working conditions that are hybrid, complicated and complex – we call it social capital. It refers to the bonds of loyalty and trust that form when we work together, the ones that allow some teams to add up to more than the sum of their parts.

How do we do LEGO® Serious Play® at 33 Emeralds?

Our facilitators are all professionally and globally certified in the method.

When we are asked to facilitate using LEGO® Serious Play®, we place a lot of importance on:

  • The reason for using the method: what do we want to achieve?
  • A detailed design of the session, including skills builders so that everyone is comfortable building, and build challenges with reflection questions that meet your core objectives
  • Creating a level playing field and participative safety
  • Having fun while we generate serious outcomes
  • Opening our minds to what is possible
  • Leaving with concrete actions that move us forward.

We supply all kit for use in session and work with groups from 5 to 100.


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