Unlocking Innovation: immersive methods to build communication skills

In today’s fast-paced, hybrid, and remote working environments, effective communication and questioning skills are critical.

Strong communication builds the bonds of loyalty and trust that make some teams outperform others, as highlighted by thought leaders like Daniel Coyle in his work The Culture Code and Margaret Heffernan in Beyond Measure.

How do we cultivate these skills in a simple, meaningful and engaging way?

Here’s an idea.

Introducing a novel method: The Bricks of Innovation Sessions

We have developed a unique, practical and immersive method to build communication and questioning skills using a simple yet powerful tool: a set of six Lego bricks.

This hands-on approach is designed to foster innovation by encouraging participants to become more aware of their own styles, shortcuts and assumptions, through real-time feedback with peers.

Why Lego bricks?

Our sessions are more than just ice breakers; they are immersive experiences where participants engage without the distractions of tech.

Here’s what stands our method out:

  • Practical and Fun: The use of bricks makes the sessions enjoyable and accessible to all, regardless of age or professional background. You’re pairing up and communicating from the get go.
  • Immediate Feedback: Participants receive real-time feedback from their peers, which is crucial for improving communication styles and approaches, and not often or easily offered in the limited time we spend together.
  • Scalable: The method is versatile, suitable for small teams and large groups, and can be used for quick, meaningful ice breakers or deep dives into the building blocks of innovative cultures through ‘beautiful questions’.

The power of Beautiful Questions

Questioning can help you become a better leader, clearer thinker and a more effective communicator. But the real power of questions is to inspire breakthroughs.

As championed by Warren Berger in his work Beautiful Questions, great questions asked in the right way can unlock innovative thinking and problem-solving.

Our immersive sessions unpack questioning and help participants to develop this essential skill, transforming the way they approach challenges and collaboration within teams.

The importance of time together

In an era where hybrid and remote work are the norm, research underscores the importance of spending quality time together. Interacting with people helps us understand what they care about. Regular interaction also feeds innovative breakthroughs. This is partly the result of increased and serendipitous knowledge flows or collisions, sparking new ideas and collaboration.

Enjoyable face-to-face interaction also shores up what we call social capital – the bonds of loyalty and trust essential for high-performance. When we spend time together, we learn more about each other and how to to shape our styles to secure better outcomes. By participating in our sessions, your team strengthens those bonds, enhancing their awareness and understanding of others, and increasing impact.

Build the foundations for innovation in simple, fun and effective ways

We lead busy lives.  These simple sessions enhance communication skills and foster the innovative thinking necessary for success in today’s dynamic work environments. They are effortless and easy. There is 100% engagement. And they can be run in anything from short ice breakers up to comprehensive workshops tailored to your specific needs or next event.

Ready to create a culture of curiosity and innovation within your team?

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