The GC Index®

The GC Index® empowers organisations to drive performance and achieve innovation goals by creating game-changing teams and cultures.
The quick online tool measures energy for impact against a process of change and innovation, and can be applied at individual, team and systems levels.

The GC Index®

  • How do we grow our impact as a team?
  • What are our gaps and risk areas?
  • What can we do to enhance communication and collaboration?
  • How can we grow our business through our people?
  • I am in transition with my career – what’s next for me?

The Five Key Energies For Impact

The five, simple Game-Changing proclivities (or energies for impact) talk a language of innovation and liberate the diversity of talent needed to create tomorrow.


Sees the bigger picture and connects dots. Makes sense of the world and asks 'why'.

Game Changer

Driven by transformational possibilities. Creative with appetite for risk and change.

Play Maker

Builds relationships and partnerships. Gets the best out of others.


Drives actions and results. Prioritises and delivers!


Drives by improvement and excellence. Always learning, always growing.

Get accredited in The GC Index®

As the first Master Partner on the continent, we offer a pro-level, globally recognised practitioner training.

When you train with us, you benefit from:

- More than 8 years of experience in designing and delivering GC Index solutions to clients
- Plenty of local and global case studies
- 2 post-accreditation coaching sessions to help you win your first client
- Admission to the dynamic global community of GCologists to further your practice.

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