The GC Index®

The GC Index® empowers organisations to drive performance and achieve innovation goals by creating game-changing teams and cultures. It measures energy for impact against a high-level process of change.

The GC Index®

Measure energy for impact against a high level business process of change and innovation
  • Where do I make my biggest impact in a cycle of change?
  • Where should I focus my development?
  • How do we grow our impact as a team?
  • What are our gaps and areas of risk?
  • What do we need to build businesses, scale, and commercialise our ideas?
  • How can we work better with others to create meaningful futures?

The Five Key Energies For Impact

The five, simple Game-Changing proclivities (or energies for impact) talk a language of innovation and liberate the diversity of talent needed to create tomorrow.

The Strategist

Driven by bigger picture and creating structure. Needs time to think and ask why.

The Game Changer

Driven by transformational possibilities. Needs space to be creative and take some risk.

The Play Maker

Driven by seeing others shine. Needs time to value and build relationships.

The Implementor

Driven by actions and results. Needs clarity and room to act.

The Polisher

Driven by improvement and excellence. Needs time to do a job well.

We love the GC Index® because the people data it collects can be used to increase predictability of impact, reduce barriers to performance and make more intelligent people decisions. Because the framework is strengths-based, we can set people free to do their best work for the business.

Like LEGO® Serious Play®, it is scalable. We can profile at individual level and aggregate data to team, unit and entire organisation.

  • Decide what business priorities we need to focus on.
  • Understand how we are currently aligned, using GC Index® measurement.
  • Align people with responsibilities, roles, tasks, teams, and phases of a project.
  • Align teams with game-changing strategic intent.
  • Identify and mitigate gaps areas and risks using GC Index® team profiles.
  • Set people free to create the change needed.
  • Set leaders up for success, through understanding the unique combinations of GC Index® profiles.
  • Unlock a true diversity of talent in your team, through the team profiles.
  • Enhance cohesion to create more than the sum of the parts, through immersive LEGO® Serious Play® sessions.
  • Profile stakeholders using The GC Index®.
  • Align to responsibilities, tasks, and roles within teams.
  • Influence and manage expectations using the language and insights of the GC Framework.

We have profiled:


Over 500 Individuals


Over 70 Teams


Over 40 Organisations

33 Emeralds was the first Master Partner on the continent.

We accredit people to work with the GC Index®

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