Impact Story: The GC Index energy for impact + frontline staff + soccer!

What does football have to do with activating energy for impact at work? Everything! ⚽

Last week we tried something new. We have been working with the game-changing leadership team of an ambitious property and asset maintenance business. The journey began with mapping growth potential using The GC Index at the individual and team level.

We use the GC Index to measure energy for impact against a cycle of growth and change. This data underpins the way we activate potential and match it to growth aspirations. There is another team in the business critical for optimising potential – the supervisors responsible for crews of employees on each client site or project. We knew they were next on the profiling journey, but we had a challenge …

The Challenge 💬

After profiling the supervisors and running a personal review session with each of them, we realised our materials and catch-phrases were very corporate and really, far too full of jargon. We needed a way to make the GC framework come to life, especially for those who don’t have English as a first language.

The Solution 🤾‍♂️

Football! Or soccer, as we call it in South Africa.

To make the energies for impact come alive, we spent some time with a colleague who loves football, mapping each proclivity back to the game. Our slides were visual, engaging, fun, and very intuitively accessible. They included famous footballers familiar to the team. As we presented the GC framework in football terms, the impacts of the different energies were easily recognised and named. It became so easy to drive home the point that we need to value and enable all the different energies on the team to secure our desired outcomes.
The team is highly committed to the growth of the business. Sharing in that passion for success is infectious and inspiring.

Our lessons ✍

– Use Plain English, get tough on the business jargon we all use but perhaps don’t need
– The more practical, relevant, and fun you can make time together as a team, the more energy you create for impact, and the more bonds you build too
– Next time we can bring a real football into the room to throw into the mix of conversation and reflection
– Always have a back-up pack of biscuits.


If you want to liberate a diversity of impact for effective business growth, call us. We have a range of novel methods and tools that offer what we need in remote and hybrid working conditions – immersive, fun, and impactful time together.

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